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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Diana Gabaldon SDCC 2017

I was able to pull a winning ticket for Diana Gabaldon. I was surprised. And I’m sure the women in the raffle line were surprised there was a guy standing among them.

I got in line toward the end of the signing. Luckily, they still had books to sell and the let me join the queue.  Even with a winning ticket, you can be too late.

While I never read her books, I know a few people that have and they really enjoyed her books. The Wife and I have watched the show on Starz. We enjoy that.  I was excited I was finally getting the chance to get an autograph.

Diana was friendly and asked if she could personalize. It seemed she REALLY wanted to personalize, so I asked for ‘SDCC 2017’. It’s Lit Con thing. I don’t think she got it but she did it anyway. That seemed to make her feel better about the not appending my name.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Robin Hobb SDCC 2017

Yes, Robin Hobb was at San Diego ComicCon. I have wanted her signature for a while and I took advantage of that on Friday.

She had a long line so I didn’t get in her line right away. I multitasked. There were several things occurring at the same time and I was being greedy.  I looked to see if I could do another signing before I got back in Robin’s line.  That plan didn’t pan out.

The line was stocked with huge fans. Robin accepted the accolades graciously.

She signed. We exchanged pleasantries. I add the book to my backpack and joined another line.


Friday, August 11, 2017

R L Stine SDCC 2017

I have never read one of R L Stine’s books. But I sold the snot out of them when I worked at Waldenbooks.  He had dozens of titles in the kids’ books section. The books are short but perfect for kids’ attention spans. For the most part they are ‘scary’ and the kids gobbled them up.

I was glad he was at SDCC. I’m glad he is having success with goosebumps on TV.  I was glad I could add him to my signed book collection. A nice tribute to his success, they only allowed us to buy 1 book. They had sold so many books the previous day, they needed to ration them.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

100 cast signing SDCC 2017

Thursday night, much like Christmas Eve, we had visions of Game of Throne wristbands dancing in our heads. When we woke, we found the Grinch had stolen Christmas.
As we neared the WB corral, a mosh pit broke out and security shut the line down.  The Wife and I were caught on the edge of the mess. I knew where they were going to send us and I tried to tell The Wife but it was loud with angry nerds.   Once I heard security shout: to the stairs, I tried to drag, guide, push The Wife in the right direction. I’m sure she thought I was some strange nerd dragging her away. It was human salmon swimming upstream against humanity.

For the most part, we navigated through the crowd and headed to the stairs quickly. The next problem was the 3 flights down and some people move quicker than me. Then navigating through the corrals at the bottom of the stairs was challenge.
While we queued up unharmed, we were deep in the line.  The dreams of Game of Thrones success was quickly fading.  As we slowly inched toward the WB drawings, we heard the dreaded cry: GoT is done.
As with everything at SDCC, you have alternate plans. For me, Plan B was The 100. I was dragging The Wife along as insurance. If failed, she would also pick The 100. If I succeeded, then she would try for The Originals. We were both lucky and we both won.

The signing had 6 actors and a producer:
Lindsey Morgan (Left top), Marie Avgeropoulos (right top), Eliza Taylor (center), Jason Rothenberg (Left middle), Richard Harmon (Right middle), Bob Morley (Left lower), Christopher Larkin (right lower)
As in the past, The 100 people were all very friendly. The women dressed to the nines (rude of me to notice, I know). The guys dressed much more causal. As Richard Harmon signed, I mentioned I saw him at ComicPalooza. He paused and said that as in Houston. I was impressed. He said it was one of the few shows that wasn’t ‘comiccon’ and the city name. Bob Morely always gives me a look of: hey let’s go grab a beer and catch up.
It was a good signing a nice way to forget the morning ugliness.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Francois Chau – SDCC 2017

One of my favorite booths, Holzheimer's Distribution, had actors throughout the SDCC weekend. As I was walking by on Friday morning, I saw Francois Chau. I was about to continue walking when I saw a photo from Lost.  Then I recognized him.  I had to stop and got a photo signed.

He signed and I told him I could not pass up on Lost actor.  While he didn’t get a lot of air time on TV, he was a staple in the footage that was presented at the SDCC panels.  My favorite scene was with the rabbit disappearing and then reappearing and causing a panic. He admitted he never knew what the scenes were about but it was always interesting.